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About ESTI

From wetlands to highlands, we’ve gotten our boots dirty everywhere.

ESTI is a women-owned company founded by professional biologists who are passionate about sharing environmental knowledge. With years of experience owning and operating Black Fly Environmental, a forward-thinking environmental consulting company, we understand the skills required to be a spectacular field ecologist.

However, traditional education streams simply don’t offer the kind of training necessary to build these skills. Theory is important, but practical hands-on experience passed on by masters in their field is essential. So we created ESTI to offer comprehensive, tested, field-level skills for aspiring environmental practitioners and the general public.

Sharing this knowledge is the best way to spread what we’ve learned and practiced, along with everything we’ve gained from working with the best and brightest in the environmental sector.

At ESTI, our goal is to help every person learn something new and have a positive impact on our environment.

Together, we can advance environmental awareness, responsibility, and individual ownership of actions that benefit our communities and planet.

Experts Profiles

Regulatory framework
Alternative energies
Traditional land-use

Jennifer Gosse

Black Fly Environmental Director; Environmental Specialist
P.Biol., RPBio

With over 10 years experience as an environmental consultant in Western Canada, Jennifer is well-versed in the effective development, application, and monitoring of environmental mitigation strategies to achieve environmental performance and maintain regulatory compliance.

As co-founder and director of Black Fly Environmental, over the past decade Jennifer has leveraged her diverse background in wetland and vegetation ecology, construction monitoring, and regulatory compliance management to help clients achieve project success. She has significant experience in the power transmission and distribution industry, including operational environmental support, and has successfully supported a diversity of environmental assessments and municipal, provincial, and federal regulatory approvals for development.

Passionate about alternative energy and traditional land-use values, Jennifer holds a special place in her heart for working alongside Indigenous communities in the north. With tremendous respect for their connectedness with the land, she is especially fascinated by traditional land practices, particularly the use of native plants in ceremonies and medicine.
Emphasizing collaboration and empathetic connections with others in everything she does, Jennifer is a visionary who loves to explore ideas and challenge the status quo.

Land stewardship
The happiest in the woods

Nadine Clifton

Black Fly Environmental Director; Environmental Scientist
PAg, P.Biol., RPBio

Born and raised in the foothills of Alberta, Nadine developed an appreciation for the outdoors from a young age. Being raised on a farm in the resource based community of Yellowhead County taught her the importance of land stewardship and sustainable natural resource development.

Nadine pursued an education close to home at the University of Alberta, earning degrees in both Environmental Science and Agricultural Science, and broadening her understanding of the natural world around her and the role of people and industry within it.

Since graduating from university, she has cultivated a career as an environmental consultant, specializing in vegetation ecology and wetlands.

Happiest when working in the forests of the boreal and foothills, Nadine is passionate about preserving the natural landscape for the enjoyment of current and future generations, while supporting the development of resource-based industries that keep our local communities thriving.